Fellowship of Concerned Mennonites
A group of likeminded Mennonites calling the church to sound biblical doctrine and warning of error as it becomes evident in the church.

Biblical Mennonite Alliance
Biblical Mennonite Alliance (BMA) is an organization of conservative Anabaptist/Mennonite congregations located primarily in the eastern two thirds of the US and Canada, with some international affiliates.

Anabaptist Sermons
A database of MP3 audio sermons and lectures available for download or listening online.
Dedicated to the presentation of the Christian faith and practice from an historic Anabaptist Mennonite perspective.

The Sword and Trumpet" steps forth from the dimness of non-entity into the dust-laden air of the arena of religious conflict in the spirit of a Christian soldier, the weapons of whose warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. It is born, we believe, of pure motives, and of the conscientious convictions that there is a need and call for a Mennonite paper specializing against the religious drift in general and the evils which promote it in particular. It is intended to supplement every other loyal paper in the Church and to supplant none. It desires to co-operate with every movement and institution in the Church in the interests of true orthodoxy, but will join hands with none in loose or compromising measures.

We solicit the support of all the faithful by prayers, advice, useful information and help widening the circulation. Churches drift largely because the loyal leadership fails to warn and enlighten and discipline in time. Loyal-hearted preachers fail in this largely because it seems to be in violation of modern ethics and highest standards of culture to speak against other people or other people's religious principles, and a northeast storm of displeasure and protest is almost sure to be raised by well meaning persons if a preacher dares to deal with errors in persons and principles as the Scriptures require. They also discard the severity commanded in the Bible for the maintenance of truth and purity and adopt the easy standards of the world will find that they have made a covenant with the powers of darkness and have formed a partnership with corrupters of the Church.

George R. Brunk I

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